Hot Air Emitted by Climate Summit Equals 20,000 Cars

I saw this yesterday but didn’t get around to commenting on it.

Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) — Government officials and activists flying to Bali, Indonesia, for the United Nations meeting on climate change will cause as much pollution as 20,000 cars in a year.

The delegates each will produce an average 4.07 metric tons of carbon dioxide, or CO2, to reach the resort island 950 kilometers (600 miles) from Jakarta, according to estimates e- mailed to Bloomberg by the UN agency holding the conference.

Some of the 187 nations participating in the two-week forum promised to offset their so-called carbon footprint by planting trees or buying emission credits. The symbolic actions won’t help stop global warming, some scientists say.

“It’s very hard for the public to understand that you come together with so many people to a very distant place and cause a lot of emissions, and at the same time talk about emission reductions,” Artur Runge-Metzger, head of climate strategy for the European Commission, said yesterday in an interview in Bali, adding that he had offset his own emissions.

I really don’t know where to start with this story. It has so much good material to work with I’m overwhelmed. You have the irony of bureaucrats creating a bunch of nasty emissions that will supposedly doom the planet and they make it clear they don’t really believe it, otherwise they’d come to the obvious conclusion that buying those stupid offsets won’t take their pollution out of the air. Take a look at what one of the conscientious polluters says:

“I’m paying out of my own pocket, and some individuals will also offset,” said Helfferich, adding she’s spending about 90 euros ($132).

There’s no way she can actually believe spending $132 will compensate for her gaseous spew. She doesn’t believe any of what she’s pushing.

That’s all. Words fail. Read the rest.

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